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Index of Questions

( Do I have all my powers? )
( What happens if my character dies, or if I drop? )
( Why can't I play my fandom OC? )
( What do you define as inappropriate content? )
( Devas? Ashuras? Angelii? What? )
( Why is the OC app so difficult? )
( I'm playing a non-human character; do they become human? )
( How many characters can I play? )
( What about alternate universe versions of characters? )
( Can our characters date/have sex/get married? )
( What about playing two characters from the same fandom? )
( I'm playing an OC and a fandom character; why can't they interact with each other? )
( I'm going to start wank :D )
( Is there a chatroom? A wiki page? )
( I did a log on AIM; can I post it as a log? )
( Apparently characters can 'go home'. Can we change our canon? )
( My character's canonically dead. Can I still app them? )
( Can we, the players, direct plot events? )
( What objects can my characters bring with them from home? )
( Can I play a self-insert? )
( Can I break the fourth wall? )
( What is the network? How does my character access it? )
( Can characters set comments to private/screened? Can they 'hack' posts? )
( What are Reality Storms and City Shifts? )

Do I have all my powers?
Initially, no. Over time your character can build their powers up, but at the start, no. If you work on one power at a time, you can regain that power (and that power alone) within one or two weeks, depending on how powerful it is. Then they work on the next power, and the next, etc. HOWEVER....

Powers, Bending, and You
The truth is, your characters actually have none of their powers in Nautilus. However, the nature of the city is such that reality bends according to the wills and whims of those in the City – thus, if a character with powers works on re-gaining their powers, reality will Bend to their wishes and their powers will return.
However, this does not just apply to characters with canonical powers. Any character can learn to Bend – if they strongly desire something reality will re-shape itself. Characters with powers are not limited to their canonical abilities.
Bending is very difficult and requires both a strong force of will and extreme concentration. While in theory anything can be accomplished with it, in practice it is limited by the mental strength and endurance of a character and their imagination.

Opposed Bends
Let's say Character A wants to Bend a giant black spike in the Plaza of Waterfalls; and Character B doesn't want that. The two characters oppose then, with B trying to keep A's Bend from happening.
Basically, this is a contest of will, with the winning character getting what he/she wants. We expect the players to resolve these the same way you resolve any combat – logically and calmly.

So is Bending the reason I have a body?
Yes! Bending is also the reason that characters can't die unless they Fade. Basically, if your character's physical body is destroyed, they subconsciously and automatically Bend themselves a new body elsewhere in the city.

I don't want superpowers.
Okay. That's the nature of bending – if your character doesn't want / refuses to believe they'll get powers, then they won't.

What happens if/when my character dies?
There's three types of death in Nautilus - physical death, 'sleeping' death, and final death.
-Physical death is when the character's body, for whatever reason, is damaged to the point that it ceases functioning. This can happen for a variety of reasons - fighting, accidents, whatever. Your character is not truly dead unless they lose the will to live. Basically, the fact that reality is mutable (see Bending, above) means that your character could theoretically will their bodies to stay together, or to heal. This is quite difficult; much easier and in fact built into Nautilus' very structure by the Emperor is allowing your body to die. Your character then blacks out or exists as a disembodied spirit (your choice) until their body re-constitutes at the base of one of the outer towers or at one of the four outer Gates.
-Sleeping death is what happens when a character drops - if coming to Nautilus is Waking, then a character drop is going back to sleep. The character disappears from Nautilus and loses all memory of ever having been there. Obviously, they still exist in their canon, just as they simultaneously exist in canon and in Nautilus; but they are no longer part of the Awakened community. The version of them that existed in Nautilus is, effectively, dead. In-character, this can happen for a variety of reasons - perhaps the world of Nautilus disagrees with the character, perhaps they lose the will to live, perhaps a physical death causes them so much emotional trauma that they believe themselves to actually be dead, and so die.
-Final death is when a being's soul is completely destroyed; they literally cease to exist. At its most extreme, the person ceases to exist in all realities. This death can only occur under very special circumstances.

Augh! I don't want my character to die!
Characters cannot be killed without permission from the person playing them; and players have the right to choose the way this happens. Killing a character without permission falls under godmoding and is against the rules.

Why Can’t I Play my fandom OC? She’s not a mary-sue…
The problem with original characters from a pre-existing fandom is that they are part of the universe. Think of it like this: some of the moderators used to play in a game that was 90% OC characters in a fandom universe. While the rule initially was to interact with canon as little as possible, so as not to change the course of events, by the time the six-month mark rolled around, the moderators of that game, as well as the players, realized that there was no way THAT MANY OCs (with canon foreknowledge to boot) would not change anything. The game quickly became an AU, because canon characters eventually DID have to interact with the OCs, and that changed everything. It’s basically the butterfly effect – one character’s actions can change the actions of another character, which thus forces the people playing fandom characters to acknowledge your OC’s background. It’s unfair to them, so we’re not allowing it.

What do you define as inappropriate content?
Would SUP classify it as explicit adult content? If it would scandalize your mom/grandma/parents/my parents, it’s inappropriate, and you should either not post it, lock that sucker, or post it in wake_porn

Devas? Ashuras? Angelii? What?
There are several ranks of beings in the universe. The first are the Wakened; what each character in Nautilus initially is. After gaining a certain amount of skill with Bending (or reaching a certain level of character development), Wakened can become Angelii. The role of an Angelii is to find flaws in different worlds; abnormalities, if you will. They then report these flaws to the Ashura, which is the next rank up. Among the many tasks assigned to an Ashura is repairing these flaws.
The rank above an Ashura is that of a Deva. These creatures actually create and maintain worlds and universes. There is a rank above even a Deva known as an Aeon, but little is known of them.

More detailed information on Angelii, Ashura, Deva, and Aeons can be found here. In-game, votes for new Angelii are held every few months.

Since all OCs must be from original universes, the mods need to know more information than normal about the universe your character's rom. For other characters we can look them up on Wikipedia or ask our fandom friends. In this case, we only have your word to go on. Thus we need more info.

I'm playing a Nobody/Robot/Vampire/Animal/Zombie/non-human. Do they become human upon Waking?
No. However, the Reality Storms which sweep across Nautilus can change that; and a character can also use Bending to change their physical form into anything they can imagine.

So how many characters CAN I play anyway?
Initially 3, and we ask that they all be from different fandoms. After you pass your first activity check, 4, and the next, 5. We're setting six as the limit for now, but that may change if we see good activity and people want more.

Can we play different versions of the same character, Like Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman?
No. Sorry. If we allowed for alternate universe incarnations, it'd get weird and hard to control. We DO however allow canon clones, such as Riku and the Riku Replica, to both be playable.

Can our characters date/have sex/get married
Sure, why not. It’s an RP, and if you’re behaving in-character, we think it’s great. Fandom characters can date OCs, Fandom characters can date fandom characters, and OCs can date OCs. However, as stated in the rules, DO NOT MUNCEST AND DO NOT MARY SUE. It is perfectly reasonable for an OC and say, Axel, to develop a relationship over time. It is not okay for an OC (or anyone else for that matter) to fling themselves on Axel with the expectation that he’ll instantly fall in love. He’ll do what Axel would be expected to do – frown, move away, and possibly set the weirdo on fire. The same applies for everyone else – ROLE PLAY YOUR RELATIONSHIPS OUT! That’s much more interesting anyway.

I’m playing two characters from the same fandom, and it’d be OOC for them to ignore each other! Help?
If you think character 2 would interact a LOT with character 1, don’t app character 2. Let someone else do it, and see what fun you can have. However, if you are playing two characters, we understand a little bit of muncest. Just don’t make an entire plot all with only your characters. We’re RPing, not writing fanfiction. If your characters MUST interact, it’s okay to write logs, or to have a third character (played by someone else) mitigate the interaction.

Please note that the maximum number of characters per mun for each fandom is two. The number of characters per franchise is up to the mun's discretion. For example, if someone wanted to app two characters from Final Fantasy X, they could. If they wanted to app two from Final Fantasy X and one from Final Fantasy VI, they could. They could not app three from Final Fantasy X. Remember that applying for two characters from the same fandom is only acceptable if there is minimal (or zero) canon interaction.

Why can’t my OC interact with my fandom character?
Because, harsh as it may be, people will think you’re sue-ing it up, including the mods. No, this is not fair, but thems the breaks.

That's nice. Wank is a bannable offense. See the rules to know what we consider wank. If you have an issue with another player, we ask that you kindly talk to them personally about it. Be polite and reasonable. We’re all reasonable adults, and we expect you to behave like one.
If you cannot resolve your differences, please make a formal list of complaints and send them to the mods at, comment here, or PM the mod account.

Is there a chat? Is there a wiki?
Yes! Its “thewakechat” on AIM. All rules apply in chat. We also ask that you not do serious plotting in the chat. There will be a post for such discussion, so post it there. The game's wiki page can be found here.

Can we post our IC aim chats?
Sure. We only ask that you post such chats right away in thewakelogs, as the mods have experience with accidentally deleting such interaction.

You say that Awakened can "go home" – can they change their canon?
-No, they cannot. Much as we'd like them to, we must remain fair to other players; thus, an Awakened who tries to return home while still awake is trapped as if they were in someone else's life, unable to do anything but what canon dictates (but aware of being unable to do anything!) This is a great way to explain a hiatus :)

Can I app dead characters?
-Yes. Characters can be taken from any point in their canon, even from the moment of their death – or, in fact, afterward. An Awakened who has died is assumed to have Awoken on the moment of their death, but may not have immediately come to Nautilus. If they are in such a state, they can move about their canon in a spirit form but (as stated in the section about Awakening) will be unable to interact with others in their canon (even if it is normal for other characters to speak with the dead).

1. The overarcing plot is very loose, and it is intended to be changed by the players. Want to murder an important NPC? Feel free! Just ask a mod first, and be prepared for the consequences. Think the plot should go in a different direction than it is? TALK TO A MOD! We're actually very open about this thing and since the plot is in constant revision and flux we welcome feedback.
2. Then do them! Players are welcome to come up with their own plots. Indeed, if you have an idea for the overarcing plot itself, you're welcome to come to us and let us know! We might say no, but there's an equal chance we'll love what you have in mind and just run with it.

Can my character bring their toys/weapons/laptops?
Yes. We only ask that whatever you bring be actually PORTABLE. It technically will also still exist in your canon. And no, pushing or driving it doesn’t count. Your character has to be able to CARRY it. Also, no duplicates. You can't bring your special sword of shinyawesome, and then go back and bring a copy of it.

Can I play my self-insert?

Can I break the fourth wall/have knowledge of other fandoms?
Is your character known for breaking the fourth wall? Sure – the Gintama, Lucky Star, Aoi House characters etc all do this quite often. If your OC will be doing this, be sure to mention it in the app. The only thing we ask you to do is ASK BEFORE YOU BREAK. We don’t need Ichigo having an unwanted existential crisis because Gintoki fanboys him. (Be sure to get permission from ALL the player's castmates (if they have any) before breaking.)

What if my character doesn’t expressly know of something in canon, but it makes sense?
Again, why not. Just be reasonable – Inuyasha would not know who Batman is. Harry Potter very well could. If you have any doubt about it, just ask the mods and other players in your fandom.

How the hell is my character accessing the network?!
Your character, upon arriving, awakens with an object familiar to them that they know can be used for communication. This can be anything - a notebook and pen, a laptop computer, a cell phone, a magic mirror, a seashell, anything. All items allow voice, video, and text posts, and all devices can recieve these, even if in real life they wouldn't be able to. For instance, a book shows video as moving pictures, and audio is just sound that comes from the pages (accompanied by a text transcription).

Why are there accidential video posts? Why are the camera angles often physically impossible?
Each of these network devices is connected directly to the Heart of Nautilus, the sentient Aeon which is the soul of the city. This being has a very strange sense of humor, and if it thinks its funny or embarassing will turn on the record function at inappropriate times.

Can we set comments as private?
All supposedly locked comments CAN be seen by the NPCs. There's no such thing as 'hackable' or 'unhackable' - comments are private or they aren't. Among the PCs, there is either locked or not locked. If you’re locked out, you’re locked out.

Why can't my character hack posts?
Becuase it's not the internet, it's a magic network connected to a living being's brain. There's nothing to hack. Even if your character is accessing it through a laptop, they won't find any code to modify, just a blank screen if they try to look at source code for anything.

What's a Reality Storm? For that matter, I heard about City Shifts, what's that?
Nautilus is a chaotic and constantly shifting city - the thoughts, dreams, and experiences of the characters in it cause things to change through subconscious bending. Thus, when a character first arrives, they might get a favorite book, or their house, or a familiar street. On the other hand, the city has a twisted sense of humor, so it's just as likely to rain pie or have letters from your character's dead wife show up every week as it is to do something nice for you.
A Reality Storm is when a character or event triggers a large, cascading series of related reality shifts - basically, something that's possible starts becoming reality based on current conditions in the city. For example, early in the game an NPC stole Sari's AllSpark key and accidentially dropped it into the heart of the city, which in turn caused a reality storm that turned humans into robots and robots into humans. Though Reality Storms seem random, there's always something behind it.
Angelii can discover the trigger for a reality storm; if they show an Ashura, the Ashura can correct it and cause the storm to subside.
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